Puketapu School

Our Curriculum

Puketapu School is a school with a country feel but with eyes firmly set on the future.

At Puketapu School we strive to provide our learners with the very best opportunities and innovative programmes and resources to support their learning. What happens in schools now is probably quite different from what it was like when you were there. 

We have a large, enthusiastic and committed team of teachers, learning assistants and support staff. We aim to provide a broad, rich and student -centred learning programme where all learners reach their potential and experience success.

Puketapu School students are involved in a lot of hands- on practical learning experiences to not only support their learning but to create the memories that are so important in childhood.

Why not come in and see us in action?

Active Learning 

We encourage all the children to be involved and active.

Active learning takes place across the school but more consistently in the early years of the junior programme. This is where the children have interactive opportunities to learn through challenging, engaging and creative activities. Active learning provides a smooth transition for our new entrants coming from early childhood settings. It helps promote happy and motivated students who can then learn and succeed. 

Through active learning, our tamariki cover many aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum – literacy, numeracy, science, social science, technology, PE, Health and The Arts. The Key Competencies of managing self, contributing and participating, thinking, relating to others and using  language, symbols and texts are an essential part of the classroom and our active learning focus.

Literacy & Numeracy

Literacy and numeracy are fundamental aspects of our curriculum programme. Opportunities to use literacy and numeracy skills occur naturally throughout the day but we also have daily explicit teaching time.  During active learning the teacher may be teaching individuals or small groups (literacy and numeracy) or will be acting as a facilitator to support the skills or focus that the children are exploring.

Through this approach we achieve great results in numeracy and literacy as well as other areas of the curriculum. 

Expectations are high throughout the school. Assessment is used to inform teaching and learning.

Typically we aim to achieve  85% + in numeracy and writing standards and 90%+ in reading standards. 

We have localised our curriculum to provide relevant, rich learning experiences that provide opportunities to connect with their peers, families and the wider community. 

Our well balanced curriculum is designed to nurture the whole child, celebrate success and provide a range of experiences. This includes sport, performing arts and Education outside of the classroom – EOTC. Camps start at year 4 and then annually until year 8.

Technology in the classroom

We have an environment where students are trusted to use high quality, engaging and powerful technologies as an integral part of their learning. Through a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach students in Years 5-8 are provided opportunities to learn in engaging and agentic ways. Both at school and at home. We have a strong emphasis on the digital curriculum, being delivered in an integrated and meaningful way. This is delivered through external expertise as well as within each classroom. Our juniors also have opportunities to engage digitally through Ipads, SeeSaw and other online learning platforms.

Through expert teaching, parental support and our unique environment, we deliver a curriculum that supports students to be:

● Agentic – they know why they are learning and how they learn best

● Motivated, inspired and engaged — with the tools and skills to succeed

● Critical, informed, responsive citizens

● Well-prepared for a positive and successful future.