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International Students


Over the past 5 years, we have welcomed 10 students from over all over the world.  We accept students from years 6 to 8.


Puketapu School is a signatory of the New Zealand Code of Practise for the Pastoral Care of International Students, which enables us to enrol international students as long as certain conditions are adhered to.


Why New Zealand?

New Zealand's education system is recognised as a prestigious system by the OECD. We offer renowned facilities, resources and teaching staff, and our qualifications are valued and transferable throughout the world.  New Zealand is free from binding traditions and has learned to be self-reliant, with its youthful and fresh outlook, it is the natural home for fresh ideas.

Why Hawke's Bay?

Hawke's Bay offers an enviable lifestyle with plenty of sunshine, beaches and outdoor adventure activities.  The choice of entertainment options is vast with a variety of restaurants, cafés, walking and biking trails, it's the ideal choice for any international student.


Why Puketapu School?

Puketapu School  offers a wealth of experience to international students, yet only 15 minutes to the cosmopolitan centres of Napier and Hastings.   Being a country school, we focus on our natural environment and students have the opportunity to grow in all aspects and their individualiy is recognised and catered for.


Please contact the school office on 00 64 6 8447837 or office@puketapuhb.school.nz if you wish to get further information regarding an enrolment of an international student at our school.